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Being a small charity, Middlesbrough Environment City (MEC) was unable to find the time or resources to support the health and wellbeing of its staff. However, having been made aware of the regional North East Better Health at Work Award, managers were given advice and support by their local authority on how to implement a cost-effective health and wellbeing programme.

What action did the organisation take?

The charity used standard Health Assessment questionnaires to identify initial issues to be tackled. This was followed by a number of campaigns and initiatives which included:

assessing stroke and blood pressure, discounted gym schemes, family days, free fresh fruit to encourage a good diet, health walks, team-building day

tackling depression, supplying bicycles for work and personal use by staff

Project Manager Brian Simpson said: “Each member of staff has got a personal health budget of £100 to improve health and wellbeing at work.”

This money encouraged employees to try therapies aimed at tackling sleep deprivation, stress and smoking.

The charity also monitored sickness absence. Managers visited staff at home when they were ill and, if possible, took them out for lunch.

What has been the impact of implementing health interventions?

  • The team-building exercises improved morale and developed closer working relationships between people. The family days enabled staff to understand the effect of work pressures on colleagues’ home life.
  • Looking ahead, Brian Simpson added: “We are going to mentor other small organisations to show how easy it is to promote health and wellbeing – and that it’s not daunting at all.” The charity achieved the Gold standard of the Better Health at Work. It is currently working towards Continuous Excellence and mentoring other local organisations through Bronze and Silver standards of the Award.

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17 May 2017

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