Esteem Fitness offer workplace financial coaching and planning programs. We work with you to help employees make the right decisions. Discretionary effort at work is five times lower for those with low financial wellbeing and five times lower for those who are dissatisfied with employer’s efforts to help them manage finances. We can help by :

  • Helping people plan and manage their financial situations and feel more confident in their day to day roles
  • Deliver money management workshops
  • Debt management advice
  • Life insurance and critical illness cover
  • Savings and investments

Business Development and Start up Mentoring

For new start ups, we can help you through the processes, from registration to concept definition, including  things like picking the right name, domain due diligence to easiest ways of taking online transactions.

We can advise on all aspects of business development to help grow customer base and engagement.

We can help and assist with:

  • New Business set up advice
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Brainstorming across all processes
  • Innovation generation and evaluation
  • Customer segmentation and communication channels
  • Brand development